art residency
art residency


Intranave Asociación Cultural

Permanent Art Works

 We will seek to hold a structure based on new modes of sensitivity and relationship with the other ,approaching to instant performance and audiovisual, ways of creativity that produced a singular force in order to make cultural and consequential working with landscapes and interdisciplinary collaborations in Ibiza island.


Buscamos sostener una estructura basada en nuevos modos de sensibilidad y relacion con los demás, introduciendonos en lo audiovisual y la performance instantánea a través de caminos de creatividad que produzcan una fuerza singular que permita hacer trabajos artísticos consecuentes con los paisajes y la colaboración interdisciplinaria en la isla de Ibiza.

We are a Cultural Organization based on the island on Ibiza, developing art projects in collaboration with artist and collectives around the world.

We opened a call for participants interested in collaborate in our art projects in Ibiza. We also need volunteers to support them. 

working on building art cooperation, harmony, social peace, nature respect, cosmic rituals, friendship around the world, links and cultural exchanges betwen the north and the south.